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Stop Trying to Time the Market. Why Now Is the Best Time to Buy Gold!

June 14, 2023

Gold prices can get volatile as market trends shift, fluctuating in response to many economic and political signals. Price volatility gives a lot of investors the idea to try to time the market. If you could find that spot where the price dips lowest, you could make a lot of money.

In reality, though, things don’t work out that way. That same volatility that makes timing the market appealing also makes it almost impossible to pull off. The best time to get into the gold market remains “as soon as possible.”

What makes market timing so difficult? Why should you make your gold investment as soon as you can?

We’ll cover these questions in this article. Keep reading for more on why if you’re thinking of buying gold, you’ll never have a better time than right now.

Don’t Try to Time the Market

The temptation to find the best time to buy gold always gnaws at new buyers. If you could have it for $1900 per ounce, why buy it at $2000 per ounce? If the market’s so volatile, shouldn’t you wait for the time the volatility will help you the most?

You can’t. No one has perfect market timing, and even someone who did wouldn’t get that much out of it.

Perfect market timing might give you an additional 10% return in the long term. Trying to time the market and missing might lead to worse performance.

If you buy and hold gold, you’ll perform almost as well as some hypothetical market genius. You won’t waste time agonizing over the best moment to pull the trigger, either.

Counteracting Inflation

If you buy gold now, you get ahead of rising inflation. During periods of high inflation like the last couple of years, buying gold or silver can sometimes serve as a solid hedge.

Gold doesn’t always serve as a hedge against inflation. This effect works best when you include gold in a diverse portfolio that can stand up to various market effects. If the market does shift in a way that allows gold to protect your portfolio, though, you’ll be glad you did.

Selling Is Easy

Unlike a lot of other things you can invest in, you can get rid of gold fast when you need liquid assets and not gold. People always want to buy gold. Whether your investment is paper gold or Krugerrands, you can sell without a lot of fuss.

Are you a young investor who anticipates the need to cash out to make a major purchase like a home or a car? If so, investing in gold gives you a chance at an investment vehicle that’s nevertheless easy to liquidate.

Going Gold

Once you make the decision, you shouldn’t wait. Trying to time the market will just get in your way.

Interested in gold investment? Want daily prices or special offers? Get in contact with us and we’ll do our best to meet your needs when it comes to precious metals.

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