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Silver Coins: The Complete 2022 Buying Guide

June 9, 2022

Did you know that the worldwide precious metals market is valued at well over $182 billion?

When you buy silver bullion, for instance, you can be confident that your money is going toward something that will always have value. The Federal Reserve may have the power to print endless amounts of paper money, but they’ll never have the power to print silver, for instance.

Are you wondering how you can add silver to your financial portfolio? Keep reading to learn all about buying silver coins with this complete 2022 guide.

Somalian Silver Elephants

When it comes to investing in silver, you can’t go wrong with some Somalian silver elephants. These coins were minted to honor the country’s unique wildlife. After the first coin launched, they added different sizes so that more people could afford them.

If you have a hefty budget, then you can go for the full 1-kilo silver coin.

British Silver Britannias

If you want more tips before you buy silver coins, then consider adding a couple of British silver Britannias to your growing collection. They’re made with so much care that their silver content clocks in at .999.

The design of the coin is also quite striking. On one side you’ll find the Standing Britannia in front of a chariot and on the other is an older profile of Queen Elizabeth II.

Austrian Silver Philharmonics

Are you still wondering how to invest in silver? In the grand scheme of things, Austrian Silver Philharmonics are fairly new, at least when it comes to annual releases. These coins started being minted in 2008 and have had new editions come out each year after that.

The fine silver content is the same as British silver Britannia coins. Instead of British royalty, these coins feature the famous Golden Hall in Austria where some of the most beautiful concerts of all time are held.

Morgan Silver Dollars

If you want something on the vintage side, then morgan silver dollars are the way to go. It’s possible to find some that are as old as 1878. They continued to be minted until 1904 and then some more came out in 1921 before ending up discontinued altogether.

It’s worth knowing that the silver content is 90% while the rest of it is copper. You can get even more money for these coins if they’re in fine condition.

Are You Ready to Buy Silver Coins?

Now that you’ve learned about buying silver coins with this complete 2022 guide, you can start making wise investment decisions. Even if the entire economy were to collapse, your coins would still have value because silver is a precious metal. Be sure to let your friends and family members know how they can have a financial safety net as well.

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