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How to Buy Gold Rounds Like the Professionals

October 22, 2023

The bearish stock market of 2022 may have shaken your trust in traditional investments, but you may also have wondered where to go if not the Stock Exchange. If you’re looking for a stable asset that will safely store value no matter the economic environment or market’s attitude, don’t look to more modern assets but look to the past.

Gold and gold rounds are time-tested, dependable assets to have in your portfolio. Learn how professionals use precious metals in their portfolios by reading the rest of this quick guide.

What Gold Rounds Are

At a glance, gold rounds look very similar to the coins minted and issued by sovereign governments. The way investors tend to use these gold investments in their portfolios is also quite similar. However, the differences between these bullion investments often make buying gold rounds the better choice.

Firstly, rounds are made by independent manufacturers. This means the input costs are lower than those associated with government mints. The lower input costs mean you pay lower premiums when buying rounds.

Secondly, unlike gold coins, gold rounds have no face value. No one can use them as legal tender; you must convert rounds back to dollars by selling them. This is a strength because a gold coin’s face value is often far lower than its actual value (an American Eagle only covers $50).

Why Buy Gold Rounds

Gold rounds’ two main unique qualities make them ideal for use as a physical precious metals holding. Gold has always been the king of the precious metals people use to hedge against inflation during economic episodes like the one we’re currently living through.

Gold value growth often outpaces inflation when there’s economic instability. Buying gold rounds to keep will likely earn you returns over and above storing your investment’s value.

Professional Approach to Gold Rounds Purchase

The precious metals market is affected by interest (as in attention) and speculation. That’s why the gold price soars when more people invest in gold when markets wobble. However, no professional investor can reliably “time the market.”

Anecdotes of perfect timing are often the product of lucky, educated guesswork. Gold investments are not “buy low, sell high” assets. If you want to see real growth, the trick is to buy now and be willing to hold for decades.

The reason this is the most reliable way to invest in gold is that the price basically never comes down in the long run. Growth in gold is almost locked in once it happens. That’s why buying gold rounds, with the lower manufacturing premium, is the superior approach to investing in gold bullion.

Buy Gold Rounds Online With Professional Service

Gold rounds are the better bullion investment for your portfolio. Not only do they hedge against inflation and store value, but they’re also often cheaper and purer than sovereign coins.

There’s no reliable market timing method, so gold rounds are better for long-term investing than quick trading. That’s why the best time to find gold rounds for sale is now!

Many places allow you to buy gold rounds online. However, the industry standard practice exposes clients to theft and identity fraud risks. Work with CMI to get professional, secure service and discounts far exceeding the competition.

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