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Coin Concepts: Are Silver Eagles a Good Investment?

May 3, 2022

You want stability and security. Maybe it’s for yourself, your spouse, your children, or your grandchildren. Either way, you want to ensure there’s a future for those you care about. 

That’s why you invest – to have a better future. To minimize risk it’s recommended you diversify your portfolio.

But there’s more to diversifying your portfolio than investing in stocks and bonds. You should diversify with precious metals, like the silver in Silver Eagles.

These coins have some features that make them unique in the investment world, even among other coin types. 

But are they a good investment? Keep reading to find out if Silver Eagles are right for your portfolio.

Easy to Liquidate

Silver Eagle coins are a good way to liquidate small amounts of silver at a time. Their smaller size makes them easier to store and ship, as opposed to silver bars. 

They are also one of the most popular coins. Silver Eagles are always in demand and are widely recognized around the world. It’s safe to say that if you ever need to liquidate your collection of Silver Eagles, you can. 

Coins Not Rounds

Another great benefit of Silver Eagles: they’re coins, not rounds.

Silver coins are minted by a government mint, unlike rounds which are minted by a private mint.  

Since silver coins are minted by a government, the coins are legal tender. That means that they have a face value. The Silver Eagle value is only $1, but that’s only its value as legal tender.

The actual value of a Silver Eagle is much higher because they are traded based on their silver content. Each coin contains a guaranteed troy ounce of silver, with a 99.9% purity.

Rounds however are not accepted as legal tender. Their value comes solely from the metal they contain. 

In the event of a catastrophe, if the value of silver were to plummet, the Silver Eagle value would still be $1 per coin.


For some buyers, Silver Eagles have another value: collectibility. Rare Silver Eagles exist, and numismatists – people who collect coins – seek out specific Silver Eagle coins.

The most famous of these is the 1995-W Silver Eagle. This American Silver Eagle was minted at the West Point Mint (hence the “W” mintmark) in a limited run to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Silver Eagle program. It’s the first Silver Eagle to bear the West Point mintmark. 

It was only sold as part of the 10th Anniversary American Eagle Proof Set. Since this set of coins was costlier than buying regular Silver Eagles and had limited mintage, many collectors missed out on the original run. A 1995-W Silver Eagle often sells for tens of thousands of dollars.

Even if you decide to never sell your collection, rare Silver Eagle coins can pass down to your children and grandchildren. 

Are Silver Eagles a Good Investment?

Absolutely! Silver Eagles are popular, have liquidity, and hold additional value to collectors. They’re always in demand due to their silver content and purity, as well as their value as U.S. legal tender.

If you still need more information on investing, check out our Silver Eagle guide.

Are you ready to invest? Head over to our sister site to purchase Silver Eagle coins.

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