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Before You Buy Silver in Stillwater OK, Call CMI

Buy Silver -Stillwater-OK

Besides gold, silver has always been a popular choice among people looking to make a safe investment. CMI Gold & Silver Inc. is happy to help them with silver investing. Since 1973, we have catered to investors who wish to buy silver in Stillwater, OK, and beyond.
Our extensive experience says certain precautions are essential if you plan to buy silver bullion products or even junk silver coins. You should:

  • Avoid telemarketers or cold callers
  • Never make a hasty decision on silver investing
  • Check BBB rating and reviews of the dealers
  • Research thoroughly to know silver prices

A good idea would be to consult a reputable dealer like us and buy silver after receiving unbiased, professional guidance about making the right investment. You can also rest assured that we are the best place to buy silver in Stillwater.    

Silver Bullion Products for Stillwater Investors – Silver Bars & Coins

Silver Bullion-Stillwater-OK

Silver bullion bars and coins are the most popular options for investing in physical silver. Acceptance as legal tender, easy storage, and quick liquidity are some reasons people buy silver coins that are .999 fine. And silver bullion bars with low premiums on the spot price are excellent for long-term investment.

We carry several options in silver bullion products for Stillwater investors. These include:

  • RCM 100-oz silver bars
  • Engelhard 10-oz silver bars    
  • Silver Eagles
  • Silver Maple Leafs
  • Silver Kangaroos
  • Buffalo/Indian Head 1-oz. silver rounds

Get in touch with us to buy silver bullion in the Stillwater area for portfolio diversification and an effective hedge against inflation. We look forward to doing business with you! 

Other Choices for Silver Investing – Individual and Bags of Silver Coins

Silver Investing-Stillwater-OK

We offer junk silver coins for investors looking for silver investing options in Stillwater besides bullion bars, coins, and rounds. You can pick up individual coins or bags of pre-1965 circulated U.S. 90% silver coins that trade at the value of their silver content.
Come to us whether you want to buy silver bullion products or are looking for other silver investing opportunities. Several factors make us the ideal dealer to contact for silver investing. 

We assure you of:

  • Authentic products
  • Lowest silver prices
  • Honesty and transparency in dealings
  • Secure and confidential transactions
  • Fast and safe delivery

CMI Gold & Silver Inc. is the dealer to rely on for the best products and services to help you with silver investing in Stillwater. (800) 528-1380