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What to Consider Before You Buy Gold in Cedar Park

Buy Gold-Cedar Park-TX

If you’re in Cedar Park, TX and you’re looking to add gold bullion to your investment portfolio, there are a few things you might want to think of first.

Consider the following before you buy gold bullion:

  • Length of your investment
  • Storage options
  • Total amount to invest

One of the benefits of gold coins is that they are typically smaller than bars so if, at some point, you need to convert your gold in to cash, having coins may make it easier to sell a portion of your gold.

Regardless of if you choose gold coins or bars, you’ll want to make sure that you have a safe place to store them.  Some banks provide safe deposit boxes securely locked in a safe.  Another option would be safely storing them at your home.  If you choose that option, it may be best to put them in a safe or some other locked storage.

The choice to buy gold coins or bars will likely be based on the total amount that you are trying to spend/invest.  Typically, coins cost less than bars, since bars are usually bigger.

To discuss these or other questions, or buy gold today, feel free to give us a call.

Invest in Gold Coins or Gold Bars – What’s the Difference?

Gold Coins -Cedar Park-TX

The term gold bullion simply refers to gold coins or gold bars that are at least 99.5% pure.  You can take comfort in knowing that rather you buy bars or coins, you’ve likely made a good decision.

Key differences between the two include:

  • Appearance
  • Size and weight
  • Cost
  • Liquidity
  • Storage

Gold coins are typically minted with intricate designs and images, while gold bars are typically simple and unadorned.

Gold coins come in a wide range of sizes, from small fractions of an ounce to one ounce or more. Gold bars, on the other hand, are typically larger and can weigh several ounces or even pounds. Gold coins tend to be more expensive than bars on a per-ounce basis, due to the additional cost of minting and the higher premium charged for the coins’ collectible value.

Coins are more easily bought and sold due to their smaller size and widespread recognition. Gold bars, being larger and less common, may be more difficult to sell quickly.

Whatever you choose, we are here to help.  Call us today!

Why Should Cedar Park Investors Buy Gold Bullion Online from CMI?

Gold Bullion-Cedar Park-TX

There are several reasons why Cedar Park investors will want to buy gold bullion online from our company. Some of the benefits of buying from us include:

  • Wide selection, buy gold and more
  • Competitively priced gold bullion
  • “Shop from home” experience
  • Excellent customer service

We have a reputation for providing excellent customer service, with knowledgeable staff available to assist with any questions or concerns regarding gold bullion products. Call CMI Gold & Silver Inc. today at 800-528-1380.