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gold storage mistakes

4 Common Gold Storage Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Some people estimate that as many as 25 million people owned gold as of 2017. That works out to over 8% of the population, though others seem to think the number is much lower, possibly even one percent or less. Regardless...

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valuable silver coins

5 Valuable Silver Coins That Are Worth Investing In

Around one in six consumers invested in precious metals such as silver in 2020, with a further 23 percent stating that they were giving it serious consideration. With many countries in recession and the US economy still struggling, more and more people are looking for...

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choose a gold dealer

How to Choose a Gold Dealer: Everything You Need to Know

In the first financial quarter of 2022, gold prices rose by 8%. With a global recession looming, it makes sound economical sense to invest in precious metals like gold. But where is the best place to get it? When buying gold, you need to purchase...

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silver buying mistakes

4 Common Silver Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There’s the perception that precious metals like silver are an intrinsically safe investment. And on the whole, there’s truth to that idea. Silver is scarce, has been used as a store of value throughout history, and is always in demand...

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future of silver

The Bright Future of Silver

Around 11 percent of Americans own some sort of silver. The price of silver is skyrocketing after a decade-long downturn in the 2010s. Silver’s price has been continuously growing since then. As a result, many people are interested in learning...

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junk silver

How to Profit From Junk Silver

Silver has enjoyed a lauded reputation for centuries thanks to its beauty, scarcity, and utility. Chemically, it’s considered a very pure metal, making it an excellent conductor and even imbuing it with mild antiseptic properties. Hence the phrase junk silver...

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