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Why West Des Moines Investors Should Consider Junk Silver Coins


Many advantages come with investing in junk silver. You can buy 90 silver coin for investment as well as survival purposes. Some people believe that the dollar is on its way to becoming worthless - and they see silver coins as a "survival currency." While this scenario is difficult to predict, silver is without a doubt a "hard asset" with an inherent value.

Unlike dollar bills that are only pieces of paper, junk silver coins in West Des Moines, IA, are commodities with a history of uncontested value. If you want to buy 90% junk silver coins in the West Des Moines area, CMI Gold & Silver Inc. is your go-to choice. We offer:

  • Huge selection
  • Genuine products
  • Unmatched customer support

The Benefits of Investing in US 90 Silver Coins


Junk silver is a common name used in the USA for old silver coins that do not have any collectible value greater than the silver's bullion value. People call these US 90 silver coins "circulated" because they used to be in regular circulation back in those days.

US 90 silver coins in West Des Moines may be more commonly known as junk silver, but they are not typically damaged or badly worn. Below are some of the features of US 90 silver coins:

  • Are readily divisible
  • Have falling premiums
  • Never been confiscated

If you are interested in silver investing, we can ship high-quality US 90 silver coins to your location. Please speak with one of our knowledgeable and experienced customer representatives to learn more.

Before You Buy 90% Junk Silver Coins in West Des Moines, Call Us!


Many investors have come to realize the benefits of owning (and physically holding) junk silver coins. 90 silver coins can easily be counted, divided, stacked, traded, stored, and transported.

There are various online dealers to buy 90% junk silver coins in the West Des Moines area. It is essential to choose a reputable and reliable online dealer to buy 90% junk silver coins in West Des Moines. We are a BBB accredited business that can help you buy 90% junk silver coins.

Our features:

  • Older bullion dealer in the US
  • Competitive pricing
  • Buy over the phone

Contact CMI Gold & Silver Inc. at (855) 217-5041 to buy 90% junk silver coins in West Des Moines or the surrounding area.