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Why San Bernardino Investors Should Consider Junk Silver Coins


Bullion investments like junk silver coins are an attractive investment option because they are more affordable than 99.9% pure bullion. Junk silver coins hold 90% silver purity and can often be bought at small premiums above the spot price.

They are available as junk silver half dollars, quarters, and dimes. They also add flexibility to investor portfolios and are easy to liquidate for cash when needed.

New investors in San Bernardino, CA, favor junk silver coin investments because they are:

  • A conservative investment
  • Easy to trade when needed
  • Beneficial for survival purposes
  • A hedge fund against inflation

Would you like to learn more about our junk silver coins available and other attractive investment options? Our website offers a wealth of insightful information.

The Benefits of Investing in US 90 Silver Coins


One of the distinct advantages of buying 90 silver coins in San Bernardino is that they are easy to convert to cash when needed. Some investors choose to buy numismatic coins for their portfolios.

However, because of the high premiums attached to these products, it can be hard to realize a profit when selling. Because 90 silver coins were minted before 1965, they are limited in supply, and investors can achieve substantial gains in times of high demand.

Buy bags on 90 silver coins in San Bernardino for these benefits:

  • Easy to manage and store
  • Improved portfolio diversification
  • Face value assurance
  • High gains in bull markets

To find out what 90 silver coins are suited to your portfolio, give us a call! We can advise you on whether 90 silver coins are the best investment option for you.

Before You Buy 90% Junk Silver Coins in San Bernardino, Call Us!


As the oldest bullion dealer in the US selling junk silver coins, we are dedicated to sharing our experience and knowledge with investors. The interest of our clients is at the forefront of our business mission, and we want them to make informed decisions when buying 90% junk silver coins.

If you are wondering how much to pay for junk silver coins? And how to know you are working with a reputable dealer? We are here to help!

These are some of the reasons San Bernardino residents choose to buy 90% junk silver coins with CMI:

  • Professional advisors
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • A wide variety of authentic products
  • Complete client confidentiality

Call us today for more information about buying 90% junk silver coins!