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Why Kissimmee Investors Should Consider Junk Silver Coins


Investors who buy 90% junk silver coins in Kissimmee, FL, and the surrounding areas are motivated to do so for different reasons. One of the biggest attractions of a junk 90 silver coin is that it is a risk-free investment since it is always worth at least its face value.

For those who do not know what exactly junk silver coins are, let us at CMI Gold & Silver Inc. explain. These are coins minted with 90% silver content and circulated before 1965. People buy 90% junk silver coins in Kissimmee and elsewhere because of the value of the precious metal they contain. Otherwise, the coins do not have any collectible or numismatic value.

We believe that investors should also buy 90% junk silver coins because of the following reasons:

  • Easy in cashing out or selling
  • Suitable for bartering in tough times
  • Ideal product for small investments

The Benefits of Investing in US 90 Silver Coins


Founded in 1973, we are one of the oldest silver dealers in the country. Over the years, we have helped countless people benefit from investing in US 90 silver coin bags in Kissimmee and beyond.

The US 90 silver coin has proven to be a worthwhile investment, whether made for building wealth or for survival purposes at the time of currency failure. Let us list some of the benefits of putting money into US 90 silver coin bags:

  • Safe choice for inexperienced investors
  • Available at low premiums
  • Good option for portfolio diversification
  • Convenient for handling and storing

Contact us if you are interested in buying 90% silver coins. We offer different options in US 90 silver coin bags for Kissimmee investors. You can purchase the coins in various denominations, including junk silver half dollars, dimes, and quarters.

Before You Buy 90% Junk Silver Coins in Kissimmee, Call Us!


A large inventory is not the only reason people choose us to buy 90% junk silver coins in the Kissimmee area. We are a highly reputable dealer with U.S. Mint listing.

Our long-standing A+ rating with BBB also reassures people of a fair transaction if they buy 90% junk silver coins from us. Moreover, we offer:

  • Coins in excellent condition
  • Junk silver bags best price
  • Simple process to buy 90% junk silver coins
  • Timely, secure deliveries

When you want to buy US 90 silver coin bags in the Kissimmee area from a reliable precious metals dealer, look no further than CMI Gold & Silver Inc. Call (855) 958-4141.