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Why Folsom Investors Should Consider Junk Silver Coins


Individuals choose to buy physical precious metals for their portfolios for various reasons. Some see assets such as junk silver coins as an easy way to store savings for the future. Others choose junk silver coins due to their affordability and ease of liquidity in small increments.

Whether investing for your future or survival reasons, buying junk silver coins in Folsom, CA, is a feasible way to:

  • Store a large amount of wealth in a small space
  • Build a safety fund against inflation
  • Own valuable assets limited in supply
  • Pass on wealth to future generations

If you are interested in affordable bullion investment options for your future, we encourage you to consider junk silver coins.

These 90 silver coins are limited in supply and recognized for maintaining their worth well.

They are also easy to buy securely online! Please get in touch with us for more details about buying 90% junk silver coins in your area.

The Benefits of Investing in US 90 Silver Coins


Why are junk silver coins a beneficial investment option? Originally minted to be used as currency, the value of 90 silver coins is now based on the spot price of silver.

As the name suggests, 90 silver coins hold 90% precious metal purity and are often sold for small markups in Folsom.

Produced before 1965, they are limited in supply, making them a beneficial asset to own in precious metal bull markets.

It is also valuable to note that often 90 silver coins achieve higher percentage gains in strong markets than gold equivalents.

The benefits of owning bags of 90 silver coins in Folsom include:

  • Ease of trading or liquidating
  • Convenient to manage and store securely
  • Conservative investment option
  • Often appreciated for their historical value

Before You Buy 90% Junk Silver Coins in Folsom, Call Us!


In order to make investment decisions that will be beneficial in the future, it's essential to research and make informed choices. At CMI, we share our knowledge and educate investors on what to consider before buying 90% junk silver coins.

Although regarded as a safe investment by many, buying 90% junk silver coins at high prices or working with an unreliable dealer can be costly.

When you want to buy 90% junk silver coins in Folsom, please call us for:

  • Honest advisory suited to your goals
  • Professional customer service
  • High-quality bullion products
  • Junk silver half dollars, quarters, and dimes at fair prices

Contact us today for more details!