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Before You Buy Silver in Oklahoma City, OK, Call CMI


CMI is no doubt the best place to buy silver in Oklahoma City, OK. That is because:

  • We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • A Trusted Dealer listing in the US Mint
  • Over 45 years experience trading

Our experience in buying and selling silver bullion means we can help you make the right choices for your investment.

It is an excellent investment since it is relatively inexpensive while still being in demand - which means it is more likely to hold its value.

So whether you want to buy silver coins, bars or rounds, call 800-528-1380 and speak to one of our brokers for more information on silver prices.

Silver Bullion Products for Oklahoma City Investors - Silver Bars & Coins


One of the most popular ways for people in Oklahoma City to invest in precious metals is to buy silver bars and coins because:

  • It's easy to handle and store.
  • You can buy 1 oz silver rounds or 1000 oz bullion bars (which are suitable for IRA investing)
  • It is an excellent hedge against inflation

With such a range of products at CMI, you can invest at a comfortable level for you. It is all part of our aim to be the best place to buy silver in Oklahoma City.

So whatever physical silver product you are after, be sure to look at our silver bullion prices and all the other information on our website. Or, if you prefer, you can call to speak to one of our advisors on 800-528-1380 about buying silver as an investment.

Other choices for Silver Investing - Individual and Bags of Silver Coins.


Many investors in Oklahoma want to know, is silver is a good investment for the future? We believe it certainly is. But why not take a look at our price chart and judge for yourself.

And one of the investments that is popular is pre-circulated coins. You can buy them by the bag or individually. They are an excellent choice because:

  • You may not want to spend too much.
  • Silver generally holds its value well
  • They are easy to resell if you ever want to

The value of these coins is based solely on their metal content, and sometimes they carry even higher premiums than bullion!

Interested? Then why not take a look at the other information on silver investments here on our website, or call one of our brokers on 800-528-1380.