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Before You Buy Silver in Gary, IN, Call CMI


Before investors decide to buy silver in Gary, IN, it is advisable to weigh the pros and cons of silver investing.

While silver bullion has a place in investor portfolios to hedge their wealth against economic uncertainty, we caution investors to avoid the risks of fraudulent dealers and high-pressure sales tactics by telemarketers.

We advise investors to conduct due diligence on dealers when they are ready to buy silver bars and silver coins because the precious metals sales industry is not regulated.

You can also call us to learn about dealers to avoid the risks of deceptive transactions before making a final decision to buy silver as an investment.

These are a few points for investors to consider before buying silver products:

  • Invest in silver bullion as a positive initial step
  • Check dealer reviews at the BBB
  • The easiest way to buy silver is through a reputable dealer
  • Take advice from financial experts like CMI

Call or visit us online for guidance on where and when to buy silver as a reliable store of value.

Silver Bullion Products for Gary Investors – Silver Bars & Coins


Gary investors can talk to one of our specialists about buying silver bullion bars and silver coins to diversify their portfolios or plan a self-administered IRA to protect their wealth.

Silver bullion is considered one of the best stores of value, provides a hedge against inflation, and is stable and affordable.

If you have decided to invest in silver, you may be questioning whether to choose silver bars or silver coins. Silver bullion bars can be bought and sold worldwide at or near premium price.

Our bullion bars are available in a wide range of sizes, with larger bars generally available at the best value. Silver coins are easy to liquidate, carry legal tender status, and offer portfolio flexibility.

These are a few of our best-selling products for silver investing:

  • 1-ounce U.S. Silver Eagles coins
  • 1-ounce Royal Canadian Silver Maple leaf coins
  • 1-ounce Perth Mint Kangaroo coins
  • Asahi silver bars
  • Sunshine Minting silver bars
  • Academy silver bars

Call or visit us online to learn how to buy the right kind of silver for investment!

Other Choices for Silver Investing – Individual and Bags of Silver Coins


We offer physical silver investing options to Gary investors as a hedge against inflation, one of the best stores of value, and portfolio diversification, such as bullion coins, silver bars, and silver rounds from well-known worldwide and private mints.

You can also take advantage of other silver investing options as safe investments at lower prices that may be the best buys for Gary investors, such as:

  • Franklin half dollars
  • Walking Liberty half dollars
  • 1964-dated Kennedy half dollars
  • Mercury bullion quality dimes
  • Kilo and 1,000-ounce silver bars for self-directed IRAs

Call CMI Gold and Silver with any concerns about silver investing, or visit us online to find unique forms of silver for your investment portfolio. 800-528-1380