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Before You Buy Silver in Dubuque, IA, Call CMI


Investors in Dubuque, IA, buy silver because they know silver products are proven and reliable options with rising prices during financial and economic uncertainty.

If you are seeking a long-term investment option with minimal risk, you can buy silver bars and silver coins to hold for months or years as the value increases and sell the assets in times of need.

Before you decide to buy silver investments, it makes sense to consider these recommendations:

  • Stay updated about the latest silver rate& trends
  • Determine which form to buy
  • Avoid overpriced coins
  • Buy silver at or near the spot price
  • Check dealer reviews at the BBB
  • Buy silver bullion as an initial first step to silver investing

When looking for ways to diversify your portfolio, make it a point consider silver investing as an alternative to investing everything in the stock market.

Call today for help finding the best silver products for your budget, or visit us online to find the best silver deals!

Silver Bullion Products for Dubuque Investors – Silver Bars & Coins


Silver bullion products are known as some of the most traded precious metals.

There is little difference between choosing silver bars or silver coins as long as you invest in silver bullion products. Highly capitalized investors prefer silver bars because of their lower premiums over the spot price.

Smaller investors tend to invest in silver coins for portfolio flexibility and easy liquidity.

Investment in physical silver bullion products is a good option for many reasons:

  • Unaffected by inflation
  • Usage of silver is on the rise
  • The compound growth rate has outperformed other commodities
  • Steady purchasing power
  • Affordability
  • Low availability with high demand – financial gain over the long-term

Visit us online to review our extensive inventory of silver bullion bars and coins available to Dubuque investors from well-known government and private mints!

Other Choices for Silver Investing – Individual and Bags of Silver Coins


Investors in Dubuque can review our best-selling silver coins, silver bars, and silver rounds online from some of the largest and highly respected worldwide mints and private precious metals refiners.

If you are adding physical silver to your portfolio, there are other safe options for silver investing with individual coins and bags of silver coins.

These are examples of silver investing choices that are lower in cost with a higher return than gold and may offer some of the best buys for Dubuque investors:

  • 90% silver Roosevelt/Mercury mix dimes
  • 90% silver Washington quarters
  • 90% silver Kennedy half dollars
  • 90% silver Franklin half dollars
  • Bags of pre-1965 circulated U.S. 90% silver coins
  • 40% clad half dollars

Call CMI Gold and Silver to learn why other silver investing options may offer a possibility of solid profits for you. Investors can also visit us online to check silver trends and daily silver rates. 800-528-1380