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Before You Buy Silver in Carmel IN, Call CMI


Before buying silver as an investment in Carmel, Indiana, you must weigh the benefits and potential downsides and understand your risk tolerance.

We can help investors avoid the risks of deceptive transactions by fraudulent players before they buy silver. It is advisable to conduct due diligence on dealers because not all silver dealers are equal.

It is also essential to know how to react to geopolitical uncertainty, inflation, and other economic influences.

These are a few points to consider before you buy silver bars and coins:

  • Be aware of overpriced coins
  • Check dealer reviews at the BBB
  • Do not base your decision to buy silver on price alone
  • Invest in silver bullion as a positive initial step
  • Do your homework because timing and knowledge are crucial

Visit our website to buy silver as an initial investment or portfolio diversification. Or call to speak with a knowledgeable advisor about silver investing and market conditions.

Silver Bullion Products for Carmel Investors – Silver Bars & Coins


If you are new to silver investing in Carmel, you may be questioning if rising silver prices is the right time to buy silver bullion products for your investment portfolio.

Even though silver bullion can be volatile, it is a safe asset generally held long-term and capable of protecting investors during times of economic uncertainty.

These are a few reasons to invest in silver bullion bars and coins:

  • It is a finite tangible asset
  • One of the best long-term stores of value available today
  • Ideal commodity for investment and hedging
  • Available in affordable amounts for nearly anyone
  • Easy to liquidate

Buying physical silver bullion may not be the best investment strategy for everyone, but it is the right way to buy precious metals for investors who want to buy silver close to its spot price.

You are welcome to call our team of bullion experts to address questions you may have about buying physical silver. Or visit our website to check silver prices, silver specials, and current spot prices.

Other Choices for Silver Investing – Individual and Bags of Silver Coins


In addition to government-minted silver coins admired by many investors in Carmel, we offer other choices for silver investing.

Pre-1965 circulated U.S. 90% silver coins, also referred to as junk silver coins, are another bullion investment choice available in bags of dimes, quarters, and half-dollars. While junk silver coins have no numismatic or collector value, investors buy them for the value of their silver content.

We offer other silver investing options for Carmel investors on our website, such as:

  • Government minted 1-ounce silver rounds
  • Walking Liberty half dollars
  • 1964-dated Kennedy half dollars
  • Franklin half dollars
  • Mercury dimes
  • 40% clad half dollars
  • Kilo bars for large-sum silver investing
  • .999 fine silver coins eligible for IRAs

Call CMI Gold and Silver to discuss buying silver coins. Or visit our website for unique forms of silver found on our Silver Specials Page. 800-528-1380