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Before You Buy Silver in Auburn AL, Call CMI


If you plan to buy silver in Auburn, AL, get in touch with CMI Gold & Silver Inc. A mistake people often make while going in for online silver investing is not choosing the dealer carefully. It is important to make informed decisions by consulting a reliable broker to make secure and rewarding investments. With the right dealer, you are also sure to buy silver products that are authentic and fair-priced.

We are proud to be recognized as the best place to buy silver by the Auburn residents. Serving the industry since 1973, we are listed as a trusted precious metals dealer at the U.S. Mint. We offer knowledgeable advisors to guide you on the best investment options.

It is also advisable to buy silver from us because we assure you of:

  • A most impressive inventory of silver bullion products
  • Lowest silver prices of all established dealers
  • Friendliest service on the internet
  • Complete client confidentiality

Silver Bullion Products for Auburn Investors - Silver Bars & Coins


We are one of the oldest silver bullion dealers in the country. Our company has acquired a well-deserved reputation for providing the most helpful and professional services for all the investors who want to buy silver bullion products in the Auburn area.

With their .999 purity, silver bullion bars and coins are ideal for making conservative and safe silver investments. Silver bullion prices have the lowest premium on the spot rate, and so, you get maximum value for the metal weight. Easy storage and handling are other benefits of silver investing in coins and bars.

Our options in silver bullion products for Auburn investors include:

  • American Eagle coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • 10-oz Eagle bars
  • Kilo Eagle bars
  • 1-oz silver rounds

Other Choices for Silver Investing - Individual and Bags of Silver Coins


If you are looking for silver investing options other than bullion products, we offer pre-1965, government-minted silver coins (junk silver coins). These are popular for their 90% metal content value.

Purchase of these coins, individually or as bags, allows silver investing by Auburn residents in small increments. The junk coins offered by us for silver investing include:

  • Mercury dimes
  • Roosevelt dimes
  • Washington quarters
  • Walking Liberty half dollars
  • Kennedy half dollars

Want to buy silver? Anxious about making the right decisions? Gold & Silver Inc. is happy to offer expert advice on silver investing for Auburn residents. Call us at (800) 528-1380.