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What to Consider Before You Buy Gold in Maricopa


Our clients throughout the US often prefer buying gold and other precious metals online for convenience and dealer preference. Although it's important to buy gold at low premiums, choosing an established organization is essential. We encourage investors to do thorough research into reputable dealers before they buy gold.

These are a few things that can help ensure you make the right choice when you buy gold online in Maricopa, AZ:

  • Is the dealer accredited with the BBB
  • Gold product comparisons
  • Client confidentiality and business principles
  • Ways to safely secure your investments
  • Buying gold close to the spot price

For more guidelines about investing safely, we encourage you to read 'How to Select the Right Gold/Silver Dealer' on our website.

Invest in Gold Coins or Gold Bars - What's the Difference?


When residents in Maricopa want to know whether to invest in gold coins or bars, we advise them to consider a few factors. Depending on the purpose and the length of the investment period, clients prefer to buy one form or the other. Both types are valuable assets, and some purchase a combination of both for their benefits.

If you decide to buy gold coins for investment flexibility, be sure only to buy gold bullion. Numismatic gold coins are typically not as easy to liquidate and often sell for premiums of up to 50% of their market value. Here are a few valuable comparisons between bullion gold coins and bars for Maricopa investors:

  • Gold coins are recognized as a legal tender
  • Bars are associated with lower premiums in higher quantities
  • Bars are preferred for extended investment periods
  • Coins are available in more variety
  • Both sell at small premiums and are easy to store securely

Why Should Maricopa Investors Buy Gold Bullion Online from CMI?


If you want to buy genuine gold bullion products from an authorized organization, why not call us? Not only do our years of experience in the industry make us a reliable choice, but our reputation of excellent service precedes us. Clients throughout the US continue to call us for gold bullion investments because our business is:

  • Customer-centric
  • Accredited with an A+ rating with the BBB
  • Simple and secure
  • One of the oldest bullion dealers in the US
  • Well-known and reliable dealers

When you buy gold bullion in Maricopa with us, we will ship your products directly to you. If you'd like more information about the safety measures we prioritize in trading precious metals, call us at 800-528-1380.