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What to Consider Before You Buy Gold in Madison


When you are looking to buy gold in Madison, AL, it is just as important to know what products to avoid as it is to know what to buy. Telemarketers can be very persuasive in enticing investors to purchase high premium numismatic coins by promising high returns.

When you buy gold to add to your investment portfolio, you want recognized forms valued according to their precious metal purity. For investors looking to buy gold, we advise considering the most popular forms:

  • US Mint gold bullion coins (American Eagles, Buffalos)
  • Canadian Mint bullion coins (Maple Leafs)
  • 10-oz Australian Mint gold bars
  • 10-oz PAMP Suisse gold bars

Call and speak with an advisor today at 800-528-1380. We look forward to sharing our knowledge about making profitable investment decisions.

Invest in Gold Coins or Gold Bars - What's the Difference?


From an investor perspective, it is advisable to buy gold offering the lowest markup over the spot price. With this in mind, investors stand a chance to benefit from higher gains when selling in the future. Although the premiums for buying gold bars are marginally lower than those of gold coins, usually, gold coins liquidate at slightly higher prices. For this reason, investors often choose to buy a combination of gold coins and bullion bars in various denominations.

The benefits of investing in bullion bars and gold coins in Madison:

  • Financial security
  • High gains in precious metal bull markets
  • Easy to manage and store safely
  • 99.95% purity for IRAs

Call us for questions about investing in bullion bars and gold coins in Madison or product eligibility for IRAs. 800-528-1380

Why Should Madison Investors Buy Gold Bullion Online from CMI?


When you are looking to invest in your future by buying precious metals, the lowest price available shouldn't be the only consideration. Fraudulent dealers take advantage of immature investors looking to buy gold at the most affordable price. They entice investors with 'buy now' strategies by promising the lowest prices, only to take their money with no gold bullion in return. Choosing a well-reviewed and reputable dealer will ultimately save you worrying about whether you will receive your gold bullion and the authenticity of the deal.

These are a few reasons Madison residents buy gold bullion online with us:

  • Accredited A+ rating with the BBB
  • History of client satisfaction
  • Oldest bullion dealer in the US
  • Trading all popular forms of bullion
  • US Mint listed reputable dealer