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What to Consider Before You Buy Gold in Lorain


Investors tend to buy gold coins and gold bars during global uncertainty believing the gold price will remain steady or climb as other investment values drop.

We are committed to helping customers by directing ways to buy gold and other precious metals based on their personal and financial objectives.

Investors must know what to buy and what to avoid before buying gold. If you become interested in gold products promoted by a persuasive telemarketer, check with us to learn the actual market price for products offered.

These are a few recommendations for Lorain investors to consider before buying gold:

  • Buy gold as close to spot price as possible
  • Learn the dealer’s premium percentage & transaction fees
  • Take possession following purchase
  • Buy gold bullion products rather than numismatics
  • Choose a reputable dealer like CMI

Call with questions about gold investing, or visit us online to check the price of gold and current spot prices.

Invest in Gold Coins or Gold Bars – What’s the Difference?


Gold coins provide portfolio flexibility for short-term investment, while Lorain investors prefer gold bars for long-term investment.

While both have investment pros and cons, gold coins offer easy liquidity, legal tender, and portfolio flexibility. Gold bullion bars are available at lower average premium prices and are ideal for high-volume diversification and long-term investment.

We offer both types of physical gold. These are a few of our well-known gold coins and gold bars available on the market for Lorain investors:

  • U.S. Mint Gold Eagle coins
  • Royal Canadian Mint Gold Maple Leaf coins
  • Perth Mint Kangaroo coins
  • South African Krugerrand coins
  • One-ounce and ten-ounce Perth Mint & PAMP bars
  • 99.99 Kilobars for large-sum gold investing
  • One-ounce, ten-ounce, & 100-gram 99.99 gold bars for IRAs

Visit our website to review our concise Buyer’s Guide that explains the pros and cons of investing in gold coins or gold bars. Or call to learn about placing physical gold in IRA accounts.

Why Should Lorain Investors Buy Gold Bullion Online from CMI?


We are the oldest precious metals dealer in the U.S., subscribing to the highest professional standards since 1973.

If you are an investor ready to buy, hold, and sell gold for a profit, large units of gold bullion bars from us are the best value.

These are a few reasons why Lorain investors come to us to purchase gold bullion online:

  • No high-pressure sales
  • Among the lowest prices of all established dealers
  • Accredited A+ BBB rating
  • Our buyback commitment
  • Our focus on helping customers make informed buying decisions
  • U.S. Mint Listing as a trusted precious metals dealer
  • Secure transaction process

Call CMI Gold and Silver to discover why experts like us recommend investing in gold bullion as part of a properly diversified portfolio. Or visit our website to review our extensive inventory of gold products and the current price of gold. 800-528-1380