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What to Consider Before you Buy Gold in Irving


Investors in Irving buy gold for a variety of reasons.

Some investors buy gold as a hedge against losses in stocks or for combating inflation, while others buy for portfolio diversification.

Choosing a reputable dealer requires research and due diligence to avoid fraudulent transactions of nefarious players. The precious metals industry is not regulated, making it easy for con artists to pose as experienced and reliable brokers.

These are a few recommendations to help investors choose a reputable dealer and good investment options:

  • Check dealer reviews at the BBB
  • Visit dealer websites to review business policies & principles
  • Buy as close to spot price as possible
  • Be aware of high-pressure sales tactics by telemarketers
  • Evaluate current & past price trends

Visit our website or call to speak with a knowledgeable account executive from one of the best places to buy gold bullion online.

Invest in Gold Coins or Bars – What’s the Difference?


The popular trend among investors in Irving is choosing gold coins in smaller quantities because they are easier to manage and store than gold bars.

Bullion bars are a popular choice for those investing in larger quantities for long-term investment. The lower premium for the distribution of large gold bars is a primary consideration for Irvinginvestors when choosing between gold coins or gold bars for investment.

These are a few differences between gold coins and gold bars:

Gold coins:

  • Carry legal tender values
  • Offer portfolio flexibility
  • Are easier to liquidate, carry, and store
  • Do not require assaying to define their veracity
  • Are viewed as a conservative & secure financial investment

Gold bars:

  • Do not carry legal tender values (with few exceptions)
  • Are a good choice for high-volume gold diversification
  • Carry lower premiums over spot price
  • Are a long-term investment or IRA preference
  • Provide more ounces for less cost

If you are unfamiliar with the buying and selling prices of physical gold coins or gold bars or where to buy, visit us online or call to speak with a knowledgeable account executive.

Why Should Irving Investors Buy Gold Bullion Online from CMI?


As the oldest bullion dealer in the United States, we have been specializing in trading all popular forms of bullion since 1973.

We have a customer-centric focus on selling gold bullion products at fair premiums and as close to the spot price of gold as possible. We are committed to helping our clients make investment decisions best suited to personal and financial goals.

These are a few additional reasons why Irving investors buy gold bullion products from CMI:

  • We always try to sell gold products at fair premiums
  • Our longstanding A+ BBB rating
  • Invest in gold bullion products rather than numismatic coins
  • Highest standard of customer service
  • Listed in U.S Mint as a trusted precious metals dealer
  • Among the lowest prices of all established dealers

Call CMI Gold and Silver or visit us online to learn more about investing in gold bullion products. 800-528-1380