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What to Consider Before You Buy Gold in Glendale


If you are unsure how to invest your money to secure yourself for future uncertainty, buying gold is one way that’s likely to hold or increase in value. When you buy gold, you have a valuable asset that will be in high demand in times of crisis. Although buying gold is seen as a conservative investment, you should be sure to consider some factors before investing.

What to consider before you buy gold in Glendale, AZ?

  • Research and choose an authorized dealer
  • Be cautious of telemarketing strategies
  • A low price is not the only important factor
  • Understand the different forms of gold available

We always want to educate our clients to ensure they make informed investment decisions when buying gold. Call us today at 800-528-1380 to discuss any concerns you have with one of our trusted advisors.

Invest in Gold Coins or Gold Bars - What's the Difference?


Many of our new clients in Glendale want to know the difference between buying gold coins or bars. At CMI, we prioritize our customers. Whether you are new to buying gold or already have an established investment portfolio, we can advise you on an investment suited to your goals.

There are not many differences between buying gold in the form of coins or bars, and the decision is usually based on personal preference and the length of the investment. It is essential, however, to make sure you invest in bullion products.

Some of the well-known 1-oz gold bullion coins you can buy with us:

  • American Gold Eagles
  • South African Krugerrands
  • Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Perth Mint Kangaroo

For more information about gold coins and bars available for Glendale investors, please visit our website to learn more about our products.

Why Should Glendale Investors Buy Gold Bullion Online from us?


If you choose to buy gold bullion in Glendale online with us, you will notice that customer service is at the front of our business mission. We strive to find investment solutions suited to customers' individual needs. Since 1973 customers have been choosing to buy gold bullion with us, and we hold a zero customer complaint status.

Some of the reasons why many of our investors consider us the best place to buy gold bullion online:

  • The oldest bullion dealer in the U.S
  • Authorized rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • High customer confidentiality
  • Quality gold products
  • Reliable gold dealers

Call us at 800-528-1380 today if you are interested in investing in gold bullion products.